Adidas MESSI 15.1

  • 2016 Adidas Messi 15.1 Are Very Light Weight Shoe

    One does not need to explain why the Cheap Adidas Messi 15.1 are a top choice cleat for footballers of all ages. You just don’t ask those type of questions. This cleat is for the player who aims to mirror their playing style after Messi. It’s for the player who knows how to dribble, pass, tackle, defend and attack the goal.

    Design and structure

    This is the very first signature model cleat for Lionel Messi. Over the years he’s usually used a customized variation of the Adidas F50 adiZero. This is technically his first signature shoe that was made exclusively for him.So if you’re buying this cleat with the expectation that you’ll be wearing the same exact cleat that he wears that wont be the case.


    The main part of the upper has this interesting dimple-like texture across the front and mid-foot area of the cleat. Adidas termed this the MessiTouch synthetic. It’s a premium-thin synthetic material that feels quite nice to touch. There is a focus of padding in that area as well due to the extra texture incorporated on the shoe.

    Specifics of the cleats At

    As far as the rest of the upper there is a distinctive element that runs from the mid-foot back. This is what they call the MessiCage. It’s very bulky something you more commonly seen on shoes for other sports. It’s basically a rubberized cage that sits on the back of the upper and is stitched on the very back of the shoe. It’s not fully attached to the upper.

    On your feet

    On wearing them they’ll feel really great on your feet. You may feel there are a lot of elements on these Adidas Messi 15.1 FG/AG Metallic Ice Bright Yellow Core Black that don’t really need to be there. The shoe will feel stiff of course and the cleat itself when looking at them on your feet do look a bit flashy but hey, flashy cleats for flashy players right? What’s important though is that this Adidas Messi 15.1 is super comfortable and your feet will feel secured and locked in with no fear of rollover when cutting and changing direction.

  • Adidas Introduces New 2015 adidas X 15.1 FG-AG For You

    2015 adidas X 15.1 FG-AG
    Adidas hasn't forgotten about the kids with their latest release. The adidas X 15.1 FG-AG White/Solar Blue/Core Black are just a perfect example of that. These boots are designed to help the player create mayhem and chaos on the pitch, and are just the latest release from adidas. Kids will be excited to see these shoes, so be sure to grab your chance to get a pair today!

    Sometimes a fresh pair of kicks is all it takes to give you the confidence you need. The 2015 adidas X 15.1 FG-AG should do the trick just fine. Adidas has injected their best indoor soccer shoe technology into this gorgeous piece. First of all, if you haven't tried adidas' Boost shoes before, why in the world not? It's only the softest, most responsive midsole on the market.

    Secondly, the 2015 adidas X 15.1 has been turning heads since it debuted a few months ago. The Techfit collar slips on your foot like a glove and keeps you firmly in place without getting in your way. Lastly, the color combo on these shoes is fantastic. A black base with white Boost midsole keeps things chill before a bright and poppy yellow intercede to add the perfect amount of spark.

    Creating chaos for the other team is how so many greats play the game. Suarez, Bale, and others routinely send defenses into a disorganized mess, just before they slot the ball home. In the all-new adidas X 15.1 FG-AG, you'll be creating more mayhem than Mayhem from those Allstate commercials.

    Well, it starts with the comfort. A soft kangaroo leather adorns the upper so you have a beautifully lightweight fit. t was only a matter of time before adidas added their premier footwear technology to their latest revolutionary soccer shoe. The New adidas X 15.1 at has it all: comfort, innovation, stylish looks -- and now it has Boost technology. If you aren't familiar, Boost is a special foam material created by adidas to give that soft feel with bouncy responsiveness. It's telling that those who have worn adidas X 15.1 can't stop talking about them.

  • Speed up your game with The Cheap adidas MESSI 15.1

     2015 Cheap adidas MESSI 15.1

    The Adidas Messi 15.1 football boots deliver all the attributes that can help make Messi special. These Messi football boots focus on lightweight speed, power, control, and accuracy. The messiTOUCH X-ray surface delivers a deadly grip on the ball to help you in passing, shooting, and dribbling. The messiFRAME helps to keep your feet locked into the shoes. The exposed frame helps your feet move like one with cleats for better speed and agility. The messiGAMBETRAX stud design focuses on speed, acceleration, and grip for turns and cuts.

    The game is changing. Maybe it is because of Leo Messi that the new Adidas Messi 15.1 football boots need to keep up with the times. All we know is that Messi is one of the best soccer players ever, and deserves to get his own boots. His boots are his weapon. Delivering deadly speed, touch, control, and traction, the Adidas Messi football boots from are a players dream. On the pitch, teaming Messi up with fellow South Americans Neymar and Luis Suarez has become one of the deadliest three headed monsters ever created. No one knows where the danger is coming from, until it is too late.

    Messi always like the speed of the Cheap Adidas Messi 15.1 football boots, the development for his new shoes focuses on speed. The thin and super soft synthetic upper was developed specifically for Messi's soccer boot. This X ray upper was developed with direct input from Messi to get the right feel. The upper features a micro texture designed to help with touch and control when playing at speed. The Messi Cage helps to deliver stability during play. The FG/AG sole plate helps deliver traction no matter what field surface you play on.

    Leo Messi is one of the best, so he deserves his own boots. The adidas MESSI 15.1 FG-AG Metallic Ice/Bright Yellow/Core Black deliver lightweight performance to help take your game to the next level. The Jr. Messi football boots utilize a soft synthetic upper that allows for the best touch and feel. The lightweight materials help to keep your feet fast, so you can burn past the defense. The Messi cage surrounds the foot helping secure your feet in the cleats, increasing agility. With the revolutionary FG/AG soleplate, these football boots are great for use on firm ground and artificial grass surfaces.

  • Cheap adidas X 15.1 FG-AG -- The Right Pair of Speed Boots

    Cheap adidas X 15.1 FG-AG

    The idea seemed simple enough, and the simplicity was praised…two silos, streamlined and giving the brand a higher level of focus on their boots. However, one problem…you have the best player on the planet on your payroll. So adidas decided to do the only thing that they could, and gave Messi his own boot. While the Cheap adidas X 15.1 FG-AG football boots has impressed during early testing and will certainly sit alongside the X and ACE in terms of quality, it poses some interesting ideas for the German giants.

    The Cheap adidas X 15.1 FG-AG is listed as a Firm Ground and Artificial Ground combination, something new to adidas boots. This will allow you to have the same boot from grass fields on a hot summer day to your turf fields that are starting to pop up in complexes around the county. But more on this later.

    The adidas X 15.1 FG-AG Leather Solar Yellow/Solar Yellow/Core Black  totalskin upper is a soft and thin surface made out of a three-layer engineered skin, which is designed to give you the barefoot feel that is popular with most current boots. The thin upper will allow your foot to be closer to the ball when striking it, and give you complete control with every touch.

    Upon closer inspection you will see the triangle design around a hexagonal point. These divots in the upper are designed to give you better spin on the ball with any striking surface possible. The recessed spaces also allow the Cheap 2015 adidas X 15.1 FG-AG Leather to shed a lot of weight. The technology is called Non-Stop Grip and the texture added to the upper is designed for incredible touch.

    The stud configuration on the bottom has 10 conical studs, with a spine of smaller “turf” studs up the middle and on the toe plate. This design gives you the perfect amount on control to explode with every cut, but the additional studs will also allow you to control the ball with the bottom of your boot with more studs on the ball.Outside of the science, the adidas 15.1 FG/AG will probably be the most comfortable boot from you will wear in the 2015-16 season.

  • Just Arrived – Adidas ACE 15.1 FG-AG ESKOLAITE Flight

    2015 adidas ACE 15.1 FG-AG

    Let your play shine. There will be no mistake where you are on the field with the Adidas ACE 15.1 ESKOLAITE football boots. Using a bright silver metallic color accented by solar green, these soccer boots will help you look great and make sure your play shines. Take control of the game with the Adidas ACE 15.1 football boots. With a complete focus on control, playmakers, game managers, and play maintainers will be able to dominate the flow of play to keep possession and deliver the deadly final pass, last touch, or brilliant shot on goal.

    The 2015 Adidas ACE 15.1 FG/AG football boots focus on Control. No longer is trapping and passing the ball the focus, but controlling the game. Players who demand the ball, want to be the center of the play, want to be the go-to guy need the shoes that can live up to the expectations. This concept allows the playmakers, game managers, and maintainers to control how they play and how the game is played. Worn by James Rodriguez and Mesut Ozil, this boot delivers on the biggest stage and will allow you to perform at your absolute best.

    The Cheap adidas ACE 15.1 FG-AG Eskolaite Silver Metallic/Solar Green/Core Black feature a brand new upper, TotalSkin. The three layer construction allows for the best control and fit. The revolutionary TotalControl outsole is designed to perform on both firm ground natural surfaces and artificial surfaces, providing maximum control between the ball and foot. No need to get multiple pairs of shoes for difference fields, the excellent grip and traction will allow you to play the best no matter where you are at.

    Walk onto the artificial turf field and feel no fear. Surrounded by the cage, the ball reacts off the wall, but you can get it under control. With the Adidas ACE 15.1,you have the ability to control the game. The Adidas Revolution started with a splash of bright yellow to catch your eye. Now the adidas soccer boots at have moved onto a solar blue colorway to cool down the colors and focus on the game.

  • Checking Out the Cheap Adidas MESSI 15.1 2015 Football Boots

    2015 adidas MESSI 15.1 FG-AG

    If you are a player who likes to be in control and dictate the flow of the game, the adidas ACE 15.1 FG/AG football boots are perfect for you. These boots are just the latest release of awesome technological advances from adidas, and are sure to really shake up the boot world.

    There is so much to talk about with the adidas MESSI 15.1 FG-AG Yellow/Black/Orange that finding where to start is an exercise in futility but we'll do our best.

    The Feel:

    This adidas MESSI 15.1 football boot feels awesome. It is a master of comfort and touch and it represents some of the finest work adidas has done there. You'll be tearing through opponents quickly with no fear of blisters or any of that rubbish. You'll be trapping the ball with great reliability and consistency.

    The Looks:

    Those are pretty obvious for all to see. The mix of blue and black is sharp and we really like the way it stands out. This 2015 adidas MESSI is visible across soccer games all over the world. From pickup games to the biggest games in the world.

    The Build:

    Three-layer engineered skin for perfect touch. Control Web gives ultimate ball control, thanks to 3D material. Unique NSG (non-stop grip) skin uses 3D dots for control in all weather conditions. Wide build for perfect comfort and performance. Traction configured for superior ball control on firm and artificial ground. Heel stabilizer holds the foot in place for control.

    The Verdict:

    The solar blue adidas MESSI 15.1 FG-AG is a winner.

    The main color for these boots is Yellow/Black/Orange, but it also has black and white features as well. The three stripe design from adidas on the upper is white, and continues on the bottom of the shoe as well. Yellow helps cover the front of the foot, near the toes. Now is your chance to get a pair for yourself, so make sure you don't miss out and grab some from today!

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